Self Assessment/Reflection for Project 4

Being that this was our last presentation in class. I tried to take everything I learned over the semester and pull it into my presentation. All the practices have finally ended up benefiting me, as all my nerves weren’t tense like always. I presented like anything public speaker. I even had a script to go off of my phone, but ended up not even using it. I was surprised how much easier it was when I was aware of the do’s and dont’s of a presentation. Since I had my phone in my hand and the clicker in the other my hands felt well occupied, so I didn’t fidget my fingers; which would of distracted the audience. Overall, I thought this was a solid presentation. I based my speech based on my visuals and went pretty smooth from there. For the most part, I thought I had much better eye contact than usual towards the audience. It felt a lot more engaging as to reading of a phone or script.

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