Module 4 Reading Response 1

Kathryn Bertine is such an inspiration for hard working athletics, she puts in the effort and habit to create a plan and executing it. He puts all her efforts towards reaching her goal and doesn’t get let down if it doesn’t go as plan, just devise another plan she would likely say. It is interesting to see how she moved from sport to sport excelling in all of them, but not quite reaching the professional level. However, that never discouraged her. Not only is she an all-around athlete she has expertise in writing and filming; what an unusual skill set she has acquired over the years. Also being the first women activist to fight for women’s rights, her life sure is one of a kind.

There are many points in my life where once I was in the zone, nothing was stopping me from reaching my goal. I swam my hardest qualifying for the junior Olympics in 2013 and to even as small of an achievement as reaching platinum in an MMO game, League of Legends. I can agree with Bertine’s determination, that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it.

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