Module 4 Reading Response 3

I read the article “When Donald Trump blocks you on Twitter, does he violate the First Amendment?” written by Dennis Baron. My first impression was this is another satirical article about Trump, however, this person was serious about suing Trump. Knight is suing Donald Trump because he says that him blocking certain followers that criticizes his policies violates the First Amendment right. This was brought into court for debate. Through the rest of the article, it brings up the laws of Congress and the President, and conclude that the court has no authority to tell the president how to use their Twitter. Secondly, the president can block whoever he wants, and because of the separation of powers doctrine, the court has no power to stop any sort of action he condemns. So to conclude this article simply, Trump’s Twitter is beyond the reach of the Consitution and he may twitter and block whomever as it is not an exercise of state power.

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