write-out for presentation one

Hi my name is jordan and for  my presentation I watched a video done by bike radar on how to teach a child to ride a bike. Bike radar is a youtube channel all about biking and for all ages. This helps me believe that the information in the video is pretty credible and accurate. She also had a child Doing the steps as she was talking and the advice she was saying really seemed to work for the child. She also seemed very intelligent and had a lot of tips that are new since I was learning to ride a bike which means that she keeps up with today’s research and is knowledgeable of a child’s development. For example she says that the best way did children to learn is to get a bike without pedals first and have hem push using their feet. However when I was growing up we used training wheels. The reason training wheels are now not the best option for children is because it is easier to teach a child to pedal after they have learned to balance. This also helps prevent children from falling as much there first couple times. I remember when I was learning my first time on a bike without training wheels I lost balance so I fell right into the fire hydrant on my street. I also liked that she talked about the age at which children should learn. She said no earlier then three and average is around four. Having taken multiple child development classes I know that that is the appropriate age at which they should be able to handle those developmental tasks. I was really impressed with how she connected with her audience and at first I didn’t really think she was because it was more of a how to video but then I realized that to appeal to the parents who are most likely her general audience She wanted to seem like someone you would trust by being very calm and personable but confident at the same time. And it worked. The delivery of her speech was very clear. She got her message across while having a good tone, cleaR voice, and good eye contact. This video definitely felt like it was an idea worth sharing i did not feel like it was to promote this lady or bikeradar it felt like it was purely to help families teach their children how to ride there first bike. Overall I would definitely say that this video was credible and that if you need tips on how to teach a child to ride a bike you should check it out.

expedition post #1

this week I went on my first expedition. After class today in golden gate park me Malia and Sierra decided to go ride our bikes to a ben and Jerry’s. we had to figure out the best way too get there by bike which was hard because there was no bike lanes and we didn’t want to ride on the sidewalk. At first we decided to walk them for a while but then we got tired of that because we were moving very slow and decided to ride the rest of the way in the street. thisbwas a kittle scary but we made it there safely. when we got there we only had one lock but we managed to find a way to lock all of them up together and it worked! After we enjoyed our ice creams we headed back to campus. On our way back we decided to go through the panhandle. this was a fun little mini excursion and it was a nice treat!

class 5 :)

Last week in class my favorite part was riding the tandem bike! I really enjoyed this experience riding through out golden gate park. I had never really even seen someone riding a tandem bike in person so I was very nervous. This experience was pretty hard to get used to because when you are on the back and when. you are on the front it is two totally different things. When your riding on the back you have no control over the braking, steering, or change of gears. this is a weird feeling because if you want to slow down you have to rely on the other person. however the weirdest thing for me was pedaling and knowing I was biking but not being able to see what was In front of the or where we were going.  After we completely crashed and fell over we started communicating more and we started to get the hang of it. By the end of the day we were really in sync and stopping and starting were much easier. I really like the idea of a tandem bike because it has the aerodynamics of a regular bike but the man power of two! Overall I loved the tandem bike and I would for sure do it again


Reading response 3 mod 2

Three rhetorical trick bike advocates could learn from uber’s plouffe is by Michael Anderson. This article focuses on the potential impact of different ways of presenting evidence and how no you can use certain ideas to your advantage to help your argument. He talks about how the person speaking on behalf of uber didn’t care that there is public transportation everywhere throughout most urban cities but instead he found a statistic that worked towards his point allowing him to engage the audience. This speaker also used comforting words like hope and change because they are very well liked. Mark talks about how applying this statistic does not need to be 100% true but just to have some truthfulness. It doesn’t need to be exact but if it is true then you might as well use it to help support your argument!

Using and citing evidence to construct and support arguments- reading response post 2

This article is written by Joseph zompetti and i think that it is a very good article to look at to see the different ways in which people use evidence. Joseph starts off by talking about the different types of arguments and the rhetoric strategies of pathos logos, and ethos. Heb says that not one of these is appealing to everyone and often times people need a mix or even a little of all of these styles, especially when dealing with evidence you need to understand the value of the evidence and this is mostly logos or logic. HE then talks about the different types of evidence such as: expert testimony, statistics, experiments and factual demonstration, and fian;;y other forms of testimony. All of these are good forms of testimony that appeal to different people. Experiments and factual demonstrations are good because they actually demonstrate the claim being made which is very powerful. Statistics can be good but they can also be misleading and require more questioning and thought. He also talks about how to cite evidence in your speech. He says that you should always mention the author’s name, qualifications, and date. This is because they allow the reader to trust your information and make you more credible.

Evidence post- reading response 1

For me evidence that is most convincing is expert testimony and pictures. I like expert testimony because I like  hearing evidence from a person because it makes me feel like i can trust what they are saying and it keeps me engaged rather then looking at random numbers that i don’t understand.( However i do know for some people this is the most effective way) But the reason i like expert testimony rather then a regular narrative is because in a expert testimony the person is an expert in the field relating to the controversy not just a random person with there own personal opinions. I also think that pictures can be very effective. For me personally they are good because i am a visual learner so a picture really helps me see whats happening. I espeacsilly liked the pictures in the “connecting the city” video because they showed evidence of what the streets and bike lanes how they are now. However they also added  to the images what they expect it to look like with  the new added bike ways.  I also feel like people use personal experiences as there own evidence to evaluate problems. For me i noticed that i used my own personal experiences when evaluating the debate on the panhandle bike ways. I feel like the bike lane that is already in the panhandle is very safe and good for biking. I feel like after observing the cars on fell that road is mostly used for commuting so if you take away a lane to add a bike lane it could cause a lot of traffic.  I feel that because of my own experiences they should leave the panhandle the way it is and not add another bike way when they have a perfectly good one right there!

class 4!

In class last week after we recorded data in the panhandle we went to the sf bike coalition from there we went to Golden Gate park. I biked half of the day and according to my strava I biked over 5 miles!! When I saw that that is how much we biked I felt very accomplished and I didn’t even care how tired all of the hills made me because it was worth it! This trip also made me feel a lot more comfortable with riding a bike because we got to go on so many different paths and bike ways. I can’t wait for next weeks adventures!

Arrangement outline for presentation 1

I will be talking about the credibility of a bike radar video on how to teach a child to ride a Bike. I feel as if the video was credible.

My audience is my fellow classmates

My goal is to show my evaluation of bike radars video and prove they are a credible source


video interested me because i want to be a teacher so i was interested in how you can teach children to ride bikes.

They are credible because of experience, evidence, and examples.

They have experince

They have a youtube channel with a lot of subscribers and have videos of all different types of biking and for all levels and ages.

They have evidence

They state a child should learn balance before pedaling and that it’s easier to learn balance and add pedaling later

They also say the appropriate age to teach your child to ride a bike is around 3 and having taken child development coursework of the past two years i know this is the appropriate developmental stage for this task.

They have examples

The whole video bikeradar is helping a child learning to ride a bike and shows the child succeeding.


Overall i feel that the video was very credible because they have had experience,evidence,and  examples. If you need to learn to ride a bike or learn how to teach a child you should check it out!

Discussion of sources for project one

In my first project i didn’t use as many sources as i should have. My main source was the video i presented on web which was called “teach your kid to ride a bike” done by  bike radar. I used this video because i felt that because it was from a popular biking youtube channel and because it hsd so many subscribers that it was a good source. That was really the only source i used which looking back on i wish i had incorporated more. For the future i will wanted to try to use more sources that we have discussed or read in class so i can relate i and the class will have a better idea of what i’m talking about.