Self assesment of presentation 3

For my third presentation i have really mixed feelings. On the one hand i am happy with how i did and the content of my speech. However I am not very happy with how i delivered it. I felt like i was moving my arms and legs around too much, which led me to press the wrong button several times. I also stuttered a lot more than i usually do and i was talking so fast i would run out of breath. I think to help prevent this i could have done a few more rehearsals not just the minimum of three but until i felt confident in my speech.  I worked really hard on this one and high expectations because i wasn’t happy with my last presentation. This presentation I was happy i did use visuals because I wanted the audience to have some things to look at and i believe it helped me talk about livermore since they don’t know what that is but it also may have been distracting since I messed it up a couple times.

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