Module 4 reading response post 2

unstoppable by Steve Friedman

This article is about a woman named Kathryn bertine who has done everything from making a documentary to rowing to skating, to cycling. She had no money and had to ¬†sneak into gyms and love off of babysitting money. Then one day espn asked her to train for the olympics. She went into professional cycling and then became a best-known activist in cycling. She got in a bad accident and was hospitalized which lead to setbacks and depression for her. She got out of this by setting goals for herself working towards them and then achieving them. I found this article very interesting ad inspiring because i think her life is very inspirational and hope she never gave up on what she enjoyed doing and always had determination and wisdom to keep moving forward. I also liked how she stood up for herself and other women’s cyclist to be a proud activist towards something that she believes in strongly.

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