Module 4 reading response post 1

men explain things to me – Rebecca Solnit

One thing that stood out to me is how guys try to explain everything even if they don’t know what they’re talking about in order to make themselves sound smart which builds over confidence. When men do this is makes women feel self-doubt and self limitation. I believe that this is something that is done subconsciously i don’t believe men intend to make women feel this way. I also found it really interesting how extreme this can get. To the point where something isn’t credible if its is said by a women. An example that pops into my head was in 7th grade when we were studying europe. My teacher asked if anyone knew about the plague and why it happened. I knew before my class because just the summer before i had traveled to europe and learned this on a tour with my older cousins. My teacher told me i was wrong then when he explained it he basically repeated everything i had said. To me it felt like he was older and a man and he needed to be able to explain it not one of his female students. He might have not even realized it but it has always bothered me until this day.

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