Class 14 post

In class today we all got in groups and watched videos of freedom of speech. the video my group got assigned was called the success of nonviolent cicil resistance by Erica Chenoweth in  ted X talk.  Erica believes that the best way to seek change is through non- violent resistance and action. she also says that at first she believed that the only way to resist government or over throw it was through violence and that non violence is better for gender, work, and other issues like this. She did research and found that civil resistance ended up being much more powerful then she had assumed. she also found that non violent campaigns ended up being around four times larger and more inclusive so age, gender, race didn’t prevent people from joining like a violent campaign would. She also questioned herself on why she assumed that violence was the answer and why she believed that it was the only way to fix some problems. she leaves us with the question about focusing more of history and present day on civil resistance and people power not just past wars and battles. I really enjoyed her ted talk and I learned a lot about why civil resistance is more effective which I didn’t necessarily believe at first either.

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