Arrangement outline for presentation 4

I will be talking about a fundraising bike ride to raise money and awareness for breast cancer

My audience is my fellow classmates

My goal is to provide the class with information regarding the ride and why people participate


YSC is a organization who donates money and other resources to breast cancer and people with breast cancer

This was interesting to me because breast cancer is something very close to my heart

About the ride

There are three different rides one in the south, one on the west coast, and one on the east coast

Bike 200 miles

3 day ride and one day rides available

Raise $2,500 for three day ride and $350 for one day ride

Rider’s story

Lindsey Gafford-

Diagnosed with breast cancer and got a double mastectomy and the cancer was gone

2016 she got metastatic breast cancer

Biked the East coast ride that year

Uses support groups, online resources, and conferences provided by YSC.

The other reason I rode in Tour de Pink is because I wanted to overcome a physical       challenge.”

My personal story

  • This is important to me because both my mom and grandma have had breast cancer
  • My mom has never heard of YSC but she has heard of other similar organizations that do similar events like a walk or run to raise awareness.
    • Walked in a breast cancer walk and my family used to do a brain tumor walk every year for my grandpa
    • Used resources from similar organizations
  • I personally am interested because i like participating or donating to breast cancer in any way i can.

. Conclusion

Overall i am very interested in this ride. They bike three days to support an amazing cause and help women who are going through a tough battle. Luckily for me i didn’t lose either my grandma or my mom to breast cancer and i want to help programs like YSC try to help other women and families as well. This bike ride isn’t near me but maybe in the future i could participate in it to help out and be part of this amazing ride!

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