Speaking center #2 presentation 3

When i went to the speaking center this time I actually went after i had already done my speech. The girl who was helping give me feedback went over my outline and she said it seemed very organized. This was a big compliment for me because the last time i went my biggest thing that needed work was the organization. She also gave me tips on how to use the outline when i’m presenting. This was kind of helpful but my goal is to be able to give my presentation with holding my outline or note cards at all. I know that i can do this because i did during the very first presentation. I also told her i was concerned with how i got nervous and just liked talked really fast and she told me to give the speech to someone else don’t have the first time be the presentation. Video recording of myself didn’t count because i had done that for my other presentations. To help this i planned my next speaking center appt for right before our next presentations. My hope is that this helps me get all my nerves out while presenting to the speaking center helper.

Individual conference post

This meeting with professor hunt for presentation 3 was very helpful. I didn’t understand what the presentation was about and i was very confused on what to do. I did however know i wanted to include my community back home in Livermore. After speaking we decided to use the public speaking aspect of interviewing people in my community and they types of people i should interview. We also talked about how i felt like my second presentation was worse than my first one and how i felt as if i was better prepared when i didn’t have my notecard or phone but when i tried to use it to help be it backfired and made me more nervous. I decided that i was going to do my third presentation without notecards which will hopefully make me practice more and be more confident.

Self assesment of presentation 3

For my third presentation i have really mixed feelings. On the one hand i am happy with how i did and the content of my speech. However I am not very happy with how i delivered it. I felt like i was moving my arms and legs around too much, which led me to press the wrong button several times. I also stuttered a lot more than i usually do and i was talking so fast i would run out of breath. I think to help prevent this i could have done a few more rehearsals not just the minimum of three but until i felt confident in my speech.  I worked really hard on this one and high expectations because i wasn’t happy with my last presentation. This presentation I was happy i did use visuals because I wanted the audience to have some things to look at and i believe it helped me talk about livermore since they don’t know what that is but it also may have been distracting since I messed it up a couple times.

Peer analysis post

These presentation were some of my favorite so far. I think they were so cool because we were able to see what communities everyone in the class belongs to or hope to belong to. I thought it was really cool to hear about remi and qiqis communities back home because they are from whole other countries. I also enjoyed theirs because they explained biking in there country versus biking here. I loved hearing the history of biking in other countries. I also really enjoyed aaron’s presentation about his community because you could tell he was so enthusiastic and really loved it even though it was his job. That made me want to find a job that i loved as much as he loves salt and straw. These were just a few examples of all of the amazing presentations that were given!

Discussion of sources for project 3

In this presentation tried really hard to connect this project with a lot of things that I could to help people understand what i was talking about. I connected it with the video we watched about market street and the plans to extend the bike ways and not lt commercial vehicles drive there any more. I also connected it with class discussions with professor hunt about bike theft and ways we can try to prevent it. The last source that i used in my presentation was the video done on the rules of the road. I think that i used pretty good sources and it made it easier for people to try and connect with my presentation about my hometown even though they had never been there!

Write up for presentation 3

For this presentation I will be talking about biking in my hometown Livermore. Livermore used to be a small town but over the years has grown pretty large. This is a map of Livermore and as you can see we have several parks and places that maybe be desirable to bike. However I never really see people riding so I went around and I asked why people don’t ride bikes anymore?

“My kids grew up”

“I got a car”

“someone took my bike”

“I ride the stationary bike at the gym”

“It’s scary because you have to ride in the street with cars”

This got me thinking a lot about several things we’ve been talking about in class. For the person who was scared to ride because they have to ride along with cars reminded me about biking on market street and there plan to extend the bike lanes and prevent cars from driving in the road there as well. Even the person who got there bike taken reminded me of all of the bike theft we have been talking about. It also made me try and think about ways the city can help prevent it. I think that the city of livermore along with other surrounding cities should work with the community to help make the residents feel safer and out riding their bikes more. While interviewing people there were two people who actually told me that they still do ride bikes and they both said that they ride them for exercise. I then asked where they rode and they both just said around their main neighborhood. One also added that this gets pretty boring at times so sometimes she will ride to a nearby park but that she has to be extra careful when doing so. This made me kinda upset. Should bikers not utilize our city parks because they are scared of drivers or should drivers just be more aware of bikers? I thought about the video rules of the road and i asked these people if we had good bicycle infrastructure in livermore they said:

“Yes we have a great park where you can ride” then i asked how they get to the park and they said they bike or drive their bikes there then bike the path and drive home. When i asked if they felt safe riding their bikes they said “yes on the sidewalk” when i informed them that that was illegal they were completely shocked. I then asked people what they did know about bike ways and laws and they all mostly said they stay in bike lanes or on the sidewalk. The did not know about the sharrows or that there are different classes of bikeways. This presentation i was going to teach you about my community from the residence perspective and in doing so i learned a lot about my community as well. I assume that this is the case in many other cities as well and i think there should be some sort of awareness in teaching people so that people all over the bay area feel safe to bike everywhere!

Outline for presentation 3

In my third presentation I will be talking about biking in my community.

My audience will be the whole class

introduction: I will be talking about Livermore and showing. map so that the class can get idea of what my city is like since everyone is from all over the country and even the world!

I will then talk about parts of in person interviews with question like why don’t you bike? do you know biking rules? and why do you enjoy biking?

Conclusion- I learned a lot from doing these interviews about my own community and I was invested to hear many of the answers I had received. I believe there should be some program to help inform people about biking to insure the safety of all communities!