September 12

Collection of Fish for DNA. Lab Entry 1

September 4th 2018 at around 3pm, Carter, Peter and I went to Lucky to get some fish samples for our DNA bar coding lab. Here is the picture of Lucky supermarket on Fulton Street.

Peter purchased total of 3 fish, which are Fresh Pacific Rock Cod Fillet Wild, Fresh Dover Sole Fillet Wild and Wild Ahi Tuna Steaks. Pictures

are in the same order.

I then cut each fish into little pieces and put it into our little capsules that were given to us on August 29th 2018.

For my first capsule, I put in a slice of Rock Cod and named my sample Kim_fish_1. Rock Cod or Lotella rhacina is a temperate fish. For my second capsule, I put in a slice of Dover Sole and named Kim_fish_2. Dover Sole is a species of marine flatfish. For my last capsule, I put in a slice of Ahi Tuna and named my sample Kim_fish_2. Ahi tuna is the yellowfin tuna and the bigeye tuna. My capsules were stored in the refrigerator until lab.

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