October 1

Lab Entry 5

26 Sept. 2018 Wednesday

Our last field trip was to Mt. Tamalpais and the weather was hot and cold in between each stops. We first stopped at where I believe it was Alpine Dam and we walked down the trail and stopped at one point where there was little river and had to go through little adventure (and I got hurt little bit). Few of us went down to the river and saw some plants between rocks and also saw bunch of ladybugs having a party inside a bush. Here are some pictures.


After some adventure, we drove across the bridge and went up the mountain and stopped at a place where plants were growing on wet grounds. Here are some pictures:

Professor has told us that this kind of plants need to be on wet ground all the time.

Next we drove down to the coast to see the purple-flowered lupine that was the same but different color from last field trip to Pescadaro state beach. As we drove to the coast, the view was so good that I had to take a picture of it.

Anyways, we dropped at one point where we observed purple-flowered lupine and it was in similar environment as the yellow colored lupine. There weren’t a lot of them, but we were able to find pea-shaped flowers, immature fruit and old fruit. We even found one on the cliff that was growing on top of the rock. It was windy and cold and there were lot of birds creating white rock. I was thinking that these species might have been spread out due to the wind and maybe the birds. Here are some pictures of the flower:

From this field trip, I was more amazed by the nature than the field trip from last week. It was amazing how we were able to find the same species but different color that is 2 hours apart from each other.

p.s Sad that this was our last field trip as a class 🙁

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