Field Trip I

Lab Entry 2 – Field Trip I

For the first field trip of the semester, the class headed south of San Francisco to the Half Moon Bay area in order to collect plant samples, specifically the Lupinus arboreus within the legume family. In order to retrieve these plant samples, a field trip was taken approximately 42 miles to the south to Pescadero State Beach where we encountered our first collection of plant samples. We then headed north to Cowell Ranch Beach which is about 30 miles south of USF. At each of the locations, five samples were collected from five different lupine bushes to provide more data to be used when analysis occurs. The plant samples were placed in tubes that contained silica to dry out the tissues for the purpose of preserving the DNA for a longer period of time. Another collection field trip will occur in which more of the lupine plants from an area north of USF rather than south will be collected which will then be used to compare to each other under experimentation. The lupine collected in the Half Moon Bay Area all consisted of yellow flowers which can be seen in the images provided from the field trip.



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