Sushi Collecting!

Lab 1 Entry – Sushi Collecting

For the first assignment, raw fish samples were to be collected in the form of sushi and nigiri in my case. The fish samples were collected from Tsunami Sushi in SOMA in which Hamachi-Yellowtail and Sake-Salmon (pictured with two pieces) nigiri dishes were ordered in addition to a spicy tuna roll (pictured on left of the two sushi rolls while the other roll was a spider soft-shell crab roll). The menu stated that many of the fishes served in the restaurant were acquired from the famous Tsukiji Market in Japan or locally sourced. The samples were placed into three separate tubes labeled with the type of fish and tehn placed into a freezer in order to preserve the samples. This leads me to believe that the fishes being served at Tsunami are accurately labeled and marketed to the customer but after DNA barcoding, the truth will be revealed.


Tsunami Sushi – 301 King St, San Francisco, CA 94158


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