Feb 8 free writing

When I was a child, I spend my childhood with my grandparents.  My parents was busy on their works. So they don’t have the time take care of me. I lived in a old house with my grandparents in the countryside until i get into primary school. I was a really good time to me. their is no building around my house and no light pollution. Also, don’t like the life in downtown. The life in that small town is quiet relax. I always help my grand mother with the farm-work and take care of my pet dog. At that time, I always fall into sleep before 8PM. The TV signal is not good in that small town and there is no smart phone and WiFi at that time period. So people do not need to check their phone time to time. They don’t need to look at the social media until mid night. The don’t have to worry about the social connection.

my story is about the following event: help my grandparents with the farm work.

my story is about my childhood with my Grandparents


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