april 22

I read Moana’s response, I agree with that child of multiracial families face struggles that most Americans do not. For example, most multiracial children do not know how to identify themselves if they are not raised in a particular race. So they may feel lonely in that environment. After I get into the USF. Some times I will feel lonely as well. That is really common. All my classmate in Public speaking are Americans, so when we have group discussion work. I feel really embarrassed at the beginning because we have different race, religion, culture. So We have no common language. However, as I keep Further contact with America’s culture.  My culture and American culture are interwoven. So I felt a little strange about the culture when I came back to China.

April 15 in class writing

The argument is how heritage language loss in America. He first uses logos at the begging of the presentation, so she introduces the situation in American that people started to forget the native language. The first thing is the culture and the second is the policy such as English only school. Then she started to introduce her mother who only speaks Mandarin. she talks about her mother’s experience in American. This part he uses pathos that she told us he can’t even know how to say sorry to her mother.  Also her use ethos in his presentation that struck a chord with non-native English speakers. So she uses her and her mother’s story and data to convincing people. This is a very comprehensive speech. I think she can get about 9.5 out of 10

April 1 2019

I read about Hao Wang’s discussing and our point is very similar. When we prepare for the digital video. We should not only focus on the paperwork, but we also need to focus on the image and sound. If we only focus on the paper and content. So it is totally the same with an essay. So we should use the advantage of video which is related to multimodal arguments.

Mar 27 2019

Heath Victor

  1. what is the international business
  • The movement of goods from country to another (exporting, importing, trade)
  • Contractual agreements that allow foreign firms to use products, services, and processes from other nations (licensing, franchising)
  • The formation and operations of sales, manufacturing, research, and development, and distribution facilities in foreign markets

2. why should I Choose international business

what is the potential of this major

3 the story of a successful businessman

4 use pathos, ethos and logos

Mar 25 2019

1.introduce the major to the incoming freshman and help them choose their major 2.  How to use multimodal writing to create and communicate knowledge in this field. 3. You need to do some research, use the library database to find relevant books, journal articles, or online texts in the subject and use them as resources to help you develop your articles.\

1.3 source

2. interview a person

3. APA format

mar 6th


At the beginning of man, nature is good; Like in nature, like in practice


If we do not teach, our nature will change. The way of teaching is your specialty


Once upon a time, the mother of Mencius chose a neighborhood.  son does not learn, take a break


Dou Yanshan has a righteous side; teaches five sons, and is famous.


Mar 4

1.drunk driver is a constructed argument.

because the death rate of drunk driver is about 28%


2. constructed evidence.

Because it is not always correct, there may be something else in the victim’s fingernails


3.it is hard evidence.

Because the violence is not the only reason cause teenage violence.

Violent video games do not cause real-world aggression

4.it is constructed evidence.

The Facts on Crowd Size


5.constructed evidence

fear is not the only thing we worried about. Maybe we will fear of life, ghost or auto-tune

6.it is a hard evidence








  1. it’s plagiarism because Wikipedia is not the primary source.
  2. it’s plagiarism because even if it’s from the book, he has to cite it.
  3. it’s plagiarism, you can’t copy and paste the paste paper you wrote.
  4. it’s plagiarism, because everthing you use on the internet should be cited.
  5. it’s plagiarism because you have to cite if you paraphrase.


Mar 1st

Homesickness and depression are very common in the international student group. However, most of the students think that they have self-help to deal with homesickness and depression. But the research shows they did not recover.

‘Thirty-one international students out of 520 diagnosed with depression and homesickness yet were unwilling to get treatment, were invited for the reassessment of their homesickness and depression after three-and-a-half months. The psychological assessment shows 9 students had recovered but 20 students had not.’ (Saravanan. C, Mohamad.M & Alias.A,

Different students have different family background, annoyance, and social relation. So they are upset for different reasons. The best way is to combine the causes of their annoyance and the other student’s way out of trouble. This is how this research did.


  Saravanan, C., Mohamad, M., & Alias, A.  (January 2019) , page 77-87

International Journal of Intercultural Relations.Coping strategies used by international students who recovered from homesickness and depression in Malaysia.\https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0147176718301597