Free writing on essay #1

I think I would want to talk about my life as a first generation Chicana and the challenges that I have endured during my life. I could also take another approach and talk about my development as a musician and why music is important for the Mexican culture. I think I could also talk about the identity problem that affects many Latinx here in the U.S regarding the issue of being too “American”. There is a problem in latino communities of losing culture and language. Many latino parents stress their children to keep their culture alive and not adopt the full American culture of solely speaking English. Coming from a family of immigrants has also taught me many things that I might add to my audio essay. I could also talk about how my family achieved the “American Dream” that apparently never comes true. However, it is actually possible and it is the reason I am here today writing this free write at a university. Many people with the same background as me typically leave their academic career after high school and simply go off to work a 9-5. They do not strive for more. I have been referred as a snobby person just  because I went to a private jesuit high school.