Audio Essay Pitch In

My life as a first generation Chicana has had many struggles. I will be talking about how Spanish was my first language and the many expectations my family had for me. I will also be talking about how my family achieved the American Dream. I will also be talking about how I faced racism, while going to a predominantly white private school and how I began to learn about white privilege. I will also be talking about how I have been treated different for speaking a different language here in SF.


I will also add the discrimination found in your own culture and how academic professionalism is seen as being “white”. I went to a private high school and was seen as snobby and “white” because I did not use the street slang that my public school friends used when I was in a public setting. All these encounters have changed the way I look at society and my own culture. I think my story shows that discrimination can be found anywhere not just outside of your own culture.

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