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February 23, 2018

Yiang Leng , Brandon Wong



___N_ 1. Kyoko needs to write a report on American politics. She looks up Barack Obama in Wikipedia and discovers he is the 44th president of the United States. She includes this information in her report but doesn’t mention Wikipedia.

It is common knowledge

___Y__2. Tam is writing a paper on a novel for his English class. Since the whole class is reading the same book, he doesn’t need to use a citation.

We still need to use a citation even though we are all reading the same book.

__N___3. Sugi wrote a paper for his European history class last semester and got an A on the paper. This semester, his Political Science class is addressing some of the same issues that are in his History paper. He checks with his professor first who agrees with Sugi, so he uses the material from his History paper.

It is not plagiarism because he is using his original work.

___Y__4. Ramiro, Stephan, April, and Chris are working on a group project. Chris submits his work and the others suspect that some of it came from the Internet, but it sounds good, so they submit it.

They still have to verify before submitting.

____Y_5. Maria finds a lot of good information for her paper on the Internet. She carefully changes the wording and prepares a good paraphrase. She doesn’t copy anything verbatim.

They still have to cite because they are taking the idea.

February 21, 2018

In class Writing

I have felt tokenized due to my Mexican background. Many of my “friends” would come to me when they needed help with their Spanish homework. I thought it was unfair that they automatically assumed I knew Spanish because there are some Mexican Americans that do not. Other people assumed that I could eat anything that was spicy due to being a Latina. This was really inaccurate because I hardly eat anything spicy, besides hot cheetos.

I just think that Tokenizing is overall unfair because we place other individuals into certain categories that may not relate to them. Stereotypes limit the way we think about others. I do not think tokenizing is positive because it still stereotypes and classifies individuals into categories. A certain expectation is expected because of these strategies.

February 16, 2018

APA references

Gebhard, J. G. (2010). What Do International Students Think and Feel? Adapting to U.S College Life and Culture. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Univiersity of Michigan Press.

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February 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch In

My life as a first generation Chicana has had many struggles. I will be talking about how Spanish was my first language and the many expectations my family had for me. I will also be talking about how my family achieved the American Dream. I will also be talking about how I faced racism, while going to a predominantly white private school and how I began to learn about white privilege. I will also be talking about how I have been treated different for speaking a different language here in SF.


I will also add the discrimination found in your own culture and how academic professionalism is seen as being “white”. I went to a private high school and was seen as snobby and “white” because I did not use the street slang that my public school friends used when I was in a public setting. All these encounters have changed the way I look at society and my own culture. I think my story shows that discrimination can be found anywhere not just outside of your own culture.

song choice

speak clearly

spanish words


February 9, 2018

Free writing on essay #1

I think I would want to talk about my life as a first generation Chicana and the challenges that I have endured during my life. I could also take another approach and talk about my development as a musician and why music is important for the Mexican culture. I think I could also talk about the identity problem that affects many Latinx here in the U.S regarding the issue of being too “American”. There is a problem in latino communities of losing culture and language. Many latino parents stress their children to keep their culture alive and not adopt the full American culture of solely speaking English. Coming from a family of immigrants has also taught me many things that I might add to my audio essay. I could also talk about how my family achieved the “American Dream” that apparently never comes true. However, it is actually possible and it is the reason I am here today writing this free write at a university. Many people with the same background as me typically leave their academic career after high school and simply go off to work a 9-5. They do not strive for more. I have been referred as a snobby person just  because I went to a private jesuit high school.

February 7, 2018

In essay #1, I will have to provide meaningful insights about my cultural background and the challenges that I have faced. This essay will be an audio essay with music and sounds related to my story. I had an anthropology course last year and I had to make a youtube video about my cultural identity and challenges I faced as well, so I feel that this assignment will be fairly similar. I feel that the challenging aspect will be the editing process of the audio essay and adding music to the project. I plan on overcoming these challenges by researching tutorials. I feel that this essay will be one of the most creative essays that I have done so far.

February 5, 2018

This is a summary response to Brandi Chang’s thoughts. She demonstrates the harsh reality that Garnette Cadogan endured in the United States. She states how the U.S is hypocritical when it comes to matters of minority groups. She mentions how minority groups have been oppressed for many years and Cadogan’s experience is just one of many. Her response to “Scenes and Un-Scenes: Class Dismissed”, was that many people ignore the harsh treatment that minority groups face for being different. She mentions how people simply get distracted by the mass media and ignore the real issues of the U.S.

January 26, 2017

Meaning of Name assignment:

My first name is actually of german origin. It means womanly and strong. My mother is named Karla, so she named me after herself. In Mexico, there is day that celebrates all the saints named Carlos and my mother got her name from being born on that day. My last name Nuñez comes from the castille region of Spain. My last name was predominantly found in the christian kingdoms of medieval spain. My last name comes from the personal name nuño. Most of my family with the last name Nuñez come from the state of Durango in Mexico.

I was never embarrased of my first name. I just get annoyed because I can never find my name written correctly in keychains. I always have to tell people that my name with the letter K instead of C. It has become a personal pet peeve of mine.

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