Summary to Brandi Chang’s Response

Brandi assessed how in Cadogan’s essay, “Black and Blue,” the author saw beauty in the act of walking from the time he was a child.  After moving to the US from Jamaica, he learned that the experience for black Americans is far different than that of Jamaicans.  Racial stereotyping is a major issue in the US, and Brandi makes the interesting point that, although one might assume this article was written long ago, it is actually from modern day.  Her surprise is not unusual; many people don’t realize the extent to which racism has persisted into the 21st-century.

In “Scenes and Un-Scenes: Class Dismissed,” the documents provided address the issue of class in American society.  Brandi believes that the American obsession with entertainment is what has caused us to ignore the class divide, but it is through entertainment that people might begin to be educated.


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