For a while during high school, I lived with my friend’s parents.  They were an upper middle class Italian family.  They liked to have big, filling, hot homemade meals with lots of gravy and meat and fresh vegetables.  A few times a week they would order Italian food instead of cooking.  Sometimes the bill would be $150.  They had a couple espresso machines and other coffee gear.  Every guest that ate there would leave with leftovers in Tupperware.

I lived with another friend’s mixed race parents.  They were slightly lower middle class.  Most of the meals were a combination of roasted chicken, rice, and a steamed vegetable.  Sometimes the meals were bland, but always filling.

I’m think that my families were relatively close in class status, and the food they made resembled that of a lot of middle class American families.  I’m not sure what the eating habits of other classes are, but I know that a lot of middle class families eat home cooked meals; sometimes together, and sometimes in front of the living room TV.  Eating for these families is usually casual, affordable, and filling.


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