Essay 3 Outline

Kelly Kresge, Yuxin Wo

  1. Do our own research on our majors at USF.
    • Requirement courses for the major
    • Impact/significance of the major
      • Support this argument using 4 sources, including:
        • A textbook from the discipline (possibly the introduction)
        • A scholarly article from the discipline
        • An interview with a professor
        • Sources from the department’s website (such as a brochure, flyer, or a useful description about the program)
    • Record video, take photos, and create a script and record a narration.
  2. Compile the research (recordings, photos, and other media) into a video for an audience of new students who are considering the major.
    • Use iMovie
    • Look at audio essay example from the syllabus for inspiration


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