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February 12, 2018

Auditory Essay: pitch

The Story:

The stories in my narrative will be about the times when I would go exploring with my grandpa. He gave me a reason to want to learn about the world. He showed me how exploration and science could reveal the most beautiful parts of nature. Specifically, I want to talk about when my grandpa took me to the tide pools in Washington. On that trip, I learned every type of sea creature you can think of and more, I learned about star constellations, I learned about music, I learned about the ocean, I learned about the forest, but most importantly I learned how to appreciate the world around me and the blessings nature gives. All of this will tie in to how my grandpa shaped my identity and how our elders can teach us so much about ourselves and can impact our lives with ever lasting effects.


I’ll start with talking about what my relationship with my grandpa while he was alive was like. Then, ill talk about the background on my grandpa and his love for the environment. After I talk about my grandpa I’ll explain how he helped me form my beliefs and love for nature through the story of us exploring the tide pools together. Ill talk about how all these experiences, when in the moment, I didn’t understand how impactful they were on who I would later identify as. But, looking back and reflecting after my grandpas death last week I realized my grandpa helped shape my passion for the natural world. I mean I am even majoring in environmental studies! He made a lasting impact on my life.

could start with asking a question: why do I feel so connected to nature?

What learning experience it offers to the audience:

Maybe it teaches the audience to understand the meaningful and lasting impacts that older generations can have on your life. Sometimes you don’t realize how much someone has impacted you till they are gone and you have a moment to reflect on the past.