First Group Presentation

Giving a speech in a group is definitely a lot more comforting than being alone. For a project my group and I discussed pedestrians on the path of the Panhandle. To conduct the experiment, we did 10 minute intervals and wrote down people who passed the park on the path. We wrote down the gender of the person as well the activity they were doing. The goal of the experiment was to understand the reasons the people were at the Panhandle. While giving the presentation we did a good job of introducing the data that we collected as well as explain the activities of the people we saw. Personally, I think my posture could have been a bit better, I think I crossed my legs once or twice. Our group was able transition very well between introduction and discussion of the data. It was much easier to present in the group because having people to work off of.


Disadvantages of Evidence

While most evidence helps strengthen a speech, it can be an invaluable source of information. Facts such as statistics or opinions of other people are beneficial, sometimes speakers use personal experience to manipulate their speech. Many speakers can make up these experiences in order to persuade their listeners that his or her speech is the most correct. While this can appeal to pathos, an emotional technique, their store could be made up for the sole purpose of winning over their audience. However we cannot 100%  know that these stories are true. Most stories are exaggerated to make them more interesting, so when telling a personal experience, back it up with statistics and evidence.


Biking In A Four Person Cart

Last class we road around Golden Gate Park in a four person cart. This was the most tiresome, but funniest method of biking that I have ever partaken in. When we first got on the vehicle, the woman working warned us about the hills, and she was not joking. Not only did the hills burn, but while we were biking next to cars they were very close. I am surprised we did not hit the curb or another car. It took teamwork to be able to complete this task so we were all pedaling like crazy just to go at a speed of probably around 5 mph. All these bikers were passing us going so fast, I could not stop laughing. I was sitting in the back left seat so it was nice to be able to just take in my surroundings when I got a chance. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a casual stroll around the park, who does not mind the amount of effort they have to put in. Image result for four person bike cart san francisco


Day 1 In Class Write

What makes a public speaker effective?

-Having confidence in what they are saying.

-Not speaking too slow or too fast.

-Being able to look up from the paper and engage with their audience.

-Volume control


What do you think makes a successful speech or presentation?

– Having visuals if you have access to a screen.

-Being loud enough

-Weaving facts or statements into a speech instead of just listening to them.

-Don’t just read off of a slide show.



One of the best presentations I’ve seen was a man who discussed the different privileges a person could have. He got his point across by acting as different people who have faced obstacles or bullying due to their identity. It stuck with me because it was a different approach to a presentation and his acting was incredible as well as the realistic scenarios his characters dealt with.