Class 9

Having Mark speak to our class was very beneficial and her offered us some insightful tips about the professional world that we will soon be entering. His talk with us was extremely casually and comfortable and usually I tend to drift off with speakers because they aren’t generally captivating, but Mark’s discussion of his company was very intriguing. I particularly enjoyed his comment about how he tends to dress casually unless he is trying to impress someone, then he’ll wear a suit, but that attire was only formed by white businessmen. He hops that the dress to impress rule diminishes with the next generation. His company was also really interesting, the way they wanted to make an affordable rental bike that also was motorized to help get up the big hills of San Francisco. I did not realize how long it would take to perfect the model and get investments from people in order to make his dream a reality. He talked very clearly and concise, he did not rant about unimportant stuff and he knew his audience and the knowledge we had about bikes. He did not have to explain everything to us, just a few minor details.


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