Apr 19, In Class Writing Verb-tense

For a long time, my stepson, Jonathan, was unhappy to have me as part of his family. For he resented that he doesn’t have both biological parents at home. I tried to get to know him better, but he would complaine that I invaded his privacy. As a newcomer, I understood that our relationship would require effort from both of us. It was not enough that I was friendly. Jonathan also had to want us to be friends, and I was not happy with the two of us being strangers, but I could wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.

Anne Marie collected antique bottles and loved to turn them into works of art. She would buy bottles if she liked them, but she preferred to find them in the ground. She would find bottles everywhere, but she picked them selectively. However, she has the best luck at construction sites on old farmland, where she spent most of her time. Often, bottles appeared on the surface after a good rain, but they disappeared very soon. She would use special tools for excavating bottles, including a set of brushed. She did not want to break the bottles as she removes them from the ground. After finding a new bottle, Anne Marie will added it to her display case and hung on the wall as an artistic piece (Mangelsdorf, 2013, p. 411).

lemon   defective

eating you     bothering and upsetting you

feeling like a million dollars   feeling so wonderful

gone to the dogs        become run-down and in serious need of repair

fishy        strange and suspicious

April 5 Essay 3 Group Qiaodan, Xizhe, Qiaojian

Group member: Qiaodan Lou, Xizhe Sun, Qiaojian Hu

Computer science major is a good choice for university students who are undecided on their major, because of job opportunity, high wage and easier application for H1-B visa for international student.

Job opportunity: So many internship invitation from all kinds of company while you still in school. Nearly all the industry need some level of technique support. (Example)

High salary: According to research, average annual salary for a computer science major student who just get out university is around $80,000. Which is at the top of the list for people who just graduate from college.

H1-B: With Trump’s immigration policy, many major has been cut down for H1-B working visa. But the need of job such as software engineer,  system operator, internet builder and maintainer are still raising. That is why people who is majoring at computer science can easily get a job compare to other majors.


March 27, In Class Writing

After reading Jiapeng’s reflection on the reading for March 27, I find that we have about the same opinion for this article.

Since we are both Chinese, we share a similar culture. With the reminder of the essay, Jiapeng has written down his personal experience. As a typical grandparents raised kid, he knows the feeling that showed in the essay. He missed his family when he was little. But reality has split him and her parents. In order to build better environment for Jiapeng and their parents. Jiapeng’s parents has to work very hard, so they do not have extra time to help raise the kid.  In the end, Jiapeng blamed this culture and express his opinion that parents should pay more attention on their kids other than just Money.

I totally agreed, I am fortunate enough to have my mother with me as I grow up. My father is always busy. So I would like more Chinese parents can pay attention to their kids.




Wife pie/cake


24 March 2017

Identifying and understanding comments on Essay 1

What seems to have worked well?

The insert of the image of Shark Tank and combine it with my learning experience seems worked out very well. It not only enrich the context of the essay, also made it not that boring to read. Also, thank for my group mates, I was able to fix some problem before turn in.

What need to be improved and how?

I found that there a lot place that I did not connect two sentence or idea well. Need to put a connection word or make more smooth transaction. Also since I did talk about my personal experience, I need to give more back ground introduction for easier understanding.

What particular grammar aspect you need to improve in your writing later?

As dressed out by professor Limsal, sub-verb agreement; punctuation (especially the use of comma) problems are my main mistakes. I will try my best to spot them and make correction. Maybe ask some of my American friends to help read through and point out the mistakes.

March 6 In Class Writing

136-138  “The Proper Sieve for Immigrants”

The Proper Sieve for Immigrants. Atwan, R. (Ed.), American Now: Short reading from recent periodicals (pp. 109-          131). Boston, MA:Bedford/ St. Martin’s.


“Mother Tongue”:

Tan, A. (n.d.).  Mother tongue. Class Canvas materiel.

March 3, In Class Writing

Free writing:The essay “Mother Tongue” written by Amy Tan tells a story between her and her mother. Immigrants are the big part of this country. But it is common that people moving across the world to live in the United States but speck no words of English. Amy’s mother is one of them, struggled to live in a different country and tried her best to learn a new language in later age. Surely, she was not being respect by other because her special way of speaking English. It is the opposite story in Amy, she has strong feeling of English and can speck and write very well. That is why she help her mother to do phone call, to deal with those people who did not treated her mother right. With all the back ground information she provided, the importance of learning environmental showed. Peer learning and your surrounding will have big impact of your language skill.

Immigration’s language issue has always exist. In order for new immigrate to engage and resolve into this big, different culture, you can not let language barrier stop you. Even though there might be a lots of people speaks the same first language as you, you still need to understand the native, in order to respect yourself and other.


Introduction: What impact language has on immigrant? What is the challenge of learning a new language?

Thesis: Even though language can be hard to learn, the consequence of bad language knowledge can be more harmful than you think.

Body: Bring Amy Tan’s essay and give her mother’s example. And add the essay about immigrant and language issue.

Conclusion: Restate the thesis point,  sums up the main idea and what I have learned.


March 1, In class writing

The following is the summary of Delu Wang’s respond.

After Delu reading “Positive Stereotypes Are Hurtful, too”. He find out a similar example in his own life. As the author talked about how Asians are hurt by the positive stereotypes, he has his own story to tell. In his math class experience in the university of San Francisco, his classmates think he already master these material just because he is Asian. This bring him a lot of trouble, and makes him feel disappointed. He said in his respond that he worked hard for a better grade, not because his Asian gene.


Comparison between New York City and Shanghai

New York                                                                                            Shanghai

Image result for new york city  Image result for shang hai

Population: 8.406 million (2013)                                                 24.15 million (2015)
Size: 304.6 mi²                                                                                 2,448 mi²
Ethnicity: 25% Black, 27% Hispanic, 12% Asian                       98.8% Han
Language: 51% English, many other global language              Mandarin
Culture: Very diverse                                                                      Very interational
 Transportation.   In Shanghai, subway and buses run like every 3 minutes. In new york, Subway run every 10 minutes.
Education: Good                                                                              Could be better

Feb 27 In Class Wrtiting

Qiaodan Lou

Xizhe Sun



Hillary gets 33% support from the white 83% from the black and 60% from hispanic

Donald Trump 51% from white, 3% from black, 17% from hispanic




Do you agree that universities have the same obligation to uphold diverse voices that you might expect of our government? Why or why not?

Every university should uphold diverse voices just like government does. Without diverse voice, the whole campus will be bored and colorless. All the creation of crazy ideas will be gone, the one rule and only rule will manipulated everything. Students in this kind of university will be like robot, single-minded machine.  In Michael Bloomberg’s essay “On the Repression of Free Expression”,  he said ” Tolerance for other people’s ideas, and the freedom to express your own, are inseparable values at great universities”(P.103). It shows how important to be diverse in voice can help to develop our school, even the society.


Bloomberg M. (May 29, 2014). On the Repression of Free Expression. American Now. Retrieved from: mikebloomberg.com

Feb 22, In Class Writting

Identify the error type of the following sentences as runon (R), comma splice (CS), or
correct (C). Then correct the sentences
1) The chickens on campus play a famous role for our school, they make us unique.      Type: CS.  
The chickens on campus play a famous role for our school, and they make us unique. 
2) What if the chickens laid eggs and hid them somewhere they would get left behind.     Type: R
What if the chickens laid eggs and hid them somewhere, and they would get left behind. 
3) The chickens bring laughter to our students, without them we’d be an ordinary school.         Type: CS
The chickens bring laughter to our students. Without them we’d be an ordinary school. 
4) I remember, after my first class I was leading out to the bookstore unfortunately, I stepped on the chickens’ dump.    Type CS.
I remember after my first class. I was leading out to the bookstore. Unfortunately, I stepped on the chickens’ dump. 
5) Right now there many chickens living freely on campus but many professors don’t want chickens.  Type R.
Right now there many chickens living freely on campus, but many professors don’t want chickens.
6) Chickens should not be allowed to live freely on the campus because they causes tinky odors make noise and no one wants to clean after.          Type R
Chickens should not be allowed to live freely on the campus. Because they cause stinky odors, make noise, and no one wants to clean after. 
7) Anytime students want to lie down on the lawn they need a place that look clean and have a fresh air therefore they can not take a nap or study.      Type R
Anytime students want to lie down on the lawn need a place that look clean, and have a fresh air. Therefore they can not take a nap or study.  
8)  But I strongly disagree with that opinion, chickens should not be allowed on campus at all.      Type CS
But I strongly disagree with that opinion; chickens should not be allowed on campus at all. 
9) During the time students are in the lab if the chickens make a lot a noise the students won’t focus to do their job.  Type R
During the time when students are in the lab. If the chickens make a lot a noise, then the students won’t focus to do their job. 
10) In conclusion, if the chickens live freely on campus because students let them live free then these students should clean the chickens mess.   Type R
In conclusion, if the chickens live freely on campus because students let them live free, then these students should clean the chickens mess.  

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