August 27, Class Discussion

Ruhi Shahin, Jason Wu, Melissa



One of the things we found really interesting and surprising was the difference between professors’ expectations and student’s expectations. Students seem to have similar shared experiences of growing up in a global environment and they also share the experience of being new students, etc. But the professors haven’t adapted their expectations of students. This can be challenging considering some professors have been teaching for 20 + years and have not revised their expectations to suit the new student body.

There is a disconnect between the professors in University and teachers in Grade school. If they had same expectation, then student should be able to fulfill.

  1. Professors are not adapting, disconnect between students and professors and colleges and grade teachers and professors and admissions.
  2. Admission process is different for international and domestic students.


Here I am!

MAPC in University of San Francisco seems like a new beginning a breathe of fresh air. So, far its all been about India, New Delhi to be precise. I am excited to be now living and studying in California.

I have been a professional journalist for about 14 years now. but, its time to upgrade.


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