September 10 Group Work

In what ways do you feel challenged or privileged as a communicator across cultures and languages?

  1. Knowing the common language – English has been supremely helpful in connecting with people. I would consider that as a privilege.
  2. Biggest challenge is in understanding each other contextually even though we speak the same language.
  3. Cultural background/mindset is the biggest factor in communicating well. This is my first experience in a multi culture classroom, I am still understanding the challenges.
  4. Knowing English is empowering but it is not everything. Its just a great means to start a conversation.

What strategies do you find useful and supportive when communicating with people across borders?

  1. Contextual dimensions: Individual based communication
  2. Traveling physically and virtually, transnational entrepreneurs leverage two or more socially embedded environments that may be unnoticed or unavailable to entrepreneurs who occupy single locations. Traveling has helped me a lot personally in understanding contexts and having successful  conversations.
  3. To understand how local entrepreneurial practices shape and are shaped by wider social, political, cultural, and global ecologies, I draw on and extend cultural–historical activity theory (CHAT). This theory is helpful in communicating across borders.

    4. A class with Intercultural teachers  is a good starting point in knowing about culture of a country of interest. Experience is the best way to learn but such classes are a good way to start.



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