Interview – September 17


I interviewed Melissa and we talked about her wedding ring. It is a beautiful traditional Hawaiian ring with Miley leaves and lay design. It has After dating for 4 years Melissa and her wife got married in Hawaii, twice. Once in the courthouse and the second time in a beautiful beach wedding. Both the dates are engraved in the ring. After 2 years of searching for the perfect rings, Meliisa’s wife found it tucked away in a back in a jeweler shop in Chinatown. That was it, it was time to celebrate. It was an intimate and beautiful week long celebration with 25 of their closest friends and family. She termed it as a “vacation wedding” filled with fun activities.



Discussion  – Ruhi and Buke 

  • Challenge : Language, culture, mindset, for some words there is no translation in English
  • Strength: a. English, it has its shortcomings.
  • b. Prior interview experience, you are more prepared to find a way to have a relevant conversation.
  • c. Reading, traveling can be a big advantage.
  • d. Curious and open minded
  • If we go to the country it will be helpful
  • Maybe if we met before the interview to understand the person to better prepare with the question.
  • Talk about general things to make the person more comfortable with you.
  • Choose the group, narrow the interviewee group, because people from even a same country cannot all be same.
  • To adapt to small things like basic etiquette of a country and spend time in learning the names of the group you are interviewing.
  • To research intensively before interviewing in a foreign country.

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