OCT 29

Ruhi and Emily

Emily: I have worked in places with people from different cultural backgrounds but we were all Americans.

Ruhi: Don’t have workplace experience either.

Emily: Accents worry me when I am speaking with a call centre person. “He might not be able to help me”

We prefer using chat options better for our needs. Its not we don’t want to talk to a person than automated thing. Banks are annoying, automated messages are worse.

Customers don’t like the script and automated things are getting more into it. It might not be good for the business as people don’t really like talking to them.

Solution: Focus more on people to people but companies don’t like that as it is expensive. Call centers are not taken as serious job. High worker job turnover. Call centers needs to be acknowledge it as a industry and spend more money in it. Customer Service is so important but companies just make the promise.

Korea example by Emily. About verification number

People need to be more patient with each other. The soft skills become more important in jobs like these.

Class Discussion – OCT 29

Jason and Ruhi

  1. I complaint the my budget was consumed in the first 2 weeks of the month. Can you explain what happened? Didn’t we have a plan? Why was I not informed of this earlier?

A. Start by apologizing for things not working out as planned. I understand the urgency, however I need to speak to my director to figure out what happened instead of giving you false information. I need a few days to what really happened and find out a solution for you.

Solution: We overpaid the TV commercials because of a new additional package, which is actually better for your brand in the long run. There was a time crunch, thats why we couldn’t discuss it and I do apologize for that. Although, we are sure this decision will get us results, as our apology we would like to offer you a 20% discount on the agency fees for next month. In future we will make sure, we inform you before taking any such decisions.

Class Discussion – Oct 22

Ruhi and Buke

  1. Yes.

a. Western influence help women in weaker societies to stand up against or with men to bring there point of view forward.

b. Feminist movement does differ because the issues are different in different societies. Like what is a pressing issue in Kenya won’t be of any consequence in Europe or US and vice-versa.

c. In the video, in US also white, Spanish and black women face income disparity. Its not just an equality issue between two genders but also various races. We really liked the video.


2. In developing countries or where economy is weak and the wage is low ¬†men get more into business. In such countries, women don’t have much of a voice, as men have all the power. Culture and economy combined in these countries effect women and their peace building initiatives.

a. Lack of resources

In Class Writing – October 8

  1. Express multicultural gratification:  Clothes you wear, how you wear your hair
  2. Non-verbal communication:
  3. Find the balance between “Black” and “White” Black doesn’t mean ghetto and White doesn’t mean ‘proper’
  4. Short Trainings: About cross-cultural, sensitivity in communication, avoiding hostility. Language sensitivity. Know who you are talking to, understand the personality.
  5. Curiosity: Is good, rudeness is not.
  6. Question the pre-conceived notions.
  7. Look for alternative ways of getting information – INTERNET

Emily, Melissa, Ruhi