OCT 29

Ruhi and Emily

Emily: I have worked in places with people from different cultural backgrounds but we were all Americans.

Ruhi: Don’t have workplace experience either.

Emily: Accents worry me when I am speaking with a call centre person. “He might not be able to help me”

We prefer using chat options better for our needs. Its not we don’t want to talk to a person than automated thing. Banks are annoying, automated messages are worse.

Customers don’t like the script and automated things are getting more into it. It might not be good for the business as people don’t really like talking to them.

Solution: Focus more on people to people but companies don’t like that as it is expensive. Call centers are not taken as serious job. High worker job turnover. Call centers needs to be acknowledge it as a industry and spend more money in it. Customer Service is so important but companies just make the promise.

Korea example by Emily. About verification number

People need to be more patient with each other. The soft skills become more important in jobs like these.

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