Class Discussion – Nov. 5

Natalie, Ruhi, Marlee

It helps in developing more effective communications.

In navigating network, using your connection and how they help, their knowledge.

Ideologies – Value, what is most meaningful and why we choose to do what we do based on those values. Apple overseas factory in China, they don’t have say with workers. Apple’s ideology wasn’t matching well with China factories. Workers were killing themselves. Thats why you need to negotiate identities.

Same happened with Nike, Forever 21.

The other cultures don’t know what these products are being used to, people in America don’t care where it is coming from. So we will say that multi-literacies approach.

Corporate culture would be important – business, strict or laid back and casual. If we find jobs in multi national companies multi-literacies become an integral part of the experience.

Challenges: Mastering language and inter cultural knowledge practical in real life  against text book knowledge.


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