Countdown to Election Day

All You Need to Know for Election Day!

So you’re registered and ready to go. What’s next? Here’s our handy guide to get you through the day (November 6), from polling place to watching the results!

♦  The War Memorial is a polling place this year and will be open from 7am-8pm for you to cast your vote. If you have a mail-in ballot but want to actually vote in person, you can do that! Just bring your mail-in ballot and exchange it with the poll worker. Vote with your friends and #VoteTogether.

♦  Note: if you run into problems at your polling place (they can’t find your registration), don’t give up! Ask the poll workers for a provisional ballot, which is counted after officials confirm your eligibility.

♦  The UC 1st Floor Atrium will be our Election Headquarters all day! Join us whenever to celebrate Midterm Elections! #MidtermsMatter

♦  Join us for Bagels and Ballots! Bring your friends and have breakfast with us and be ready to get those “I voted” stickers. We’ll have bagels, coffee, and juice to fuel you before and after you put that ballot in the box. We’ll be in the UC First floor Atrium from 9-11:45am.

♦  If you have some time throughout the day to help cheer people on to vote, we’ll have opportunities between 11:45am-2:30pm. Pom poms, balloons, music, we’ll be located in the UC1st floor and throughout main campus to help direct people to vote at the War Memorial Gym.

♦  Election Watch Party is happening at 4pm – the evening in the UC 1st floor. Join us for pizza, a photobooth, election results trickling in, music, a raffle for voting prizes, and the best part – a trivia game called “Name that Tweet.” You will just have to join us and celebrate the midterm election results to find out.

Didn’t get to register to vote? Learn more on how to register at City Hall to vote on Election Day by Provisional Voting!

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