Giant wakerobin – San Pedro Valley

Date: March 1st, 2018


Location: San Pedro Valley 37.5779° N, 122.4757° W


Site description: San Pedro Valley Park is located by Pacifica. It contains seven trails, offering a variety of habitats. The park is 1,052 acres, with fresh-water creeks flowing through lush valleys. Among the streamside habitat, there are common plants such as the coast and giant trillium, buttercups, and wild mustard. There are also rarer plants such as giant golden chinaquapin, montara manzanita, and California.


Species description: The giant wakerobin, also known as trillium chloropetalum in the melanthiaceae family, has leaves and flowers that are sessile. The odor of the flowers are generally sweet and rose-like. They flowers contain anther sacs that are purple, and ovaries that are purple.



Narrative: It was pouring down rain on the morning of our trip to San Pedro Valley, and Professor Paul did not cancel the hike because “you are not hardcore until you live hardcore”. Therefore, I made sure to dress appropriately by wearing two pants, a hoodie, and a weather resistant hoodie on top. When we got to the location, the rain seemed to have cleared except for a good 5 minutes of harsh rain that made me give up on keeping my socks dry and clean.             When we got back to the car to go back to campus, I took off the outer layer of my bottoms that was all muddied up, ate a couple handfuls of cheddar popcorn, and knocked out.

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