Sweet alyssum – San Bruno State Park

Date: March 22, 2018

Location: San Bruno Mountain State Park 37.6969° N, 122.4338° W



Site description: San Bruno Mountain State Park is located in northern San Mateo County, near Brisbane, San Francisco, Colma, and Daly City. The park stands as a unique open-space island in the midge of the peninsula’s urbanization at the northern end of the Santa Cruz Mountain Range. The mountain’s ridge line runs in an east-west configuration, with considerable slopes and elevations ranging from 250 feet to 1,314 feet at the summit.


Species description: The sweet alyssum, also known as lobularia maritima in the brassicaceae family, is an annual to perennial herb. The stem is erect to prostrate or decumbent and branched from the base. The leaves are linear to lance-linear and acute. The flowers are widely obovate with 4 petals.


Narrative: Although the weather was predicted to be stormy, it actually turned out to be clear and sunny. Still, the wind was still incredibly strong and still made the trip very cold. This fieldtrip to San Bruno State Park was more like a walk than a hike, since the trail was so flat. Normally, I would wish that the fieldtrips were less tiring, but this time I did miss having some of those hills. I especially missed those hills because Professor Paul was kind enough to let us stop by In-n-Out on the way back, but I did not feel as though I deserved my Double-Double animal style (though I enjoyed it anyway).

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