Narrow leaved mule’s ear – Edgewood Park

Date: April 5th, 2018

Location: Edgewood Park, Latitude: 37.4732° N, Longitude: 122.2782° W, Elevation: 732 feet



Site description: Edgewood County Park and Natural Preserve is a 467-acre protected area in San Mateo County. The serpentine glasslands of Edgewood Park are famous for their displays of wildflowers each spring. Edgewood has grasslands, chaparral, coastal scrub, foothill woodlands, and wetlands supporting over 500 species.


Species description: The narrow leaved mule’s ear, also known as wyethia angustifolia in the asteraceae family, is a native species growing from 3-9 dm. It is rough and hairy with leaves lance-linear to oblanceolate. The inflorescence consists of one large head, with the penduncle being 20-30 cm. The ray flower is made of 8-21. The disk flower has a corolla of 10-11 mm.


Narrative: On our car ride to Edgewood Park, Dylan was able to take advantage of him being the only guy in a car full of girls to learn all about our coming of age stories. Soon enough, (but not soon enough for Dylan), we got to the park on a chilly and cloudy day. Although compared to other fieldtrips we did not see too many distinct species, I still really enjoyed seeing the fields of various flowers of bright colors. It was like a scene out of The Sound of Music.

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