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April 29 In class writing

The impact of entrepreneurship on the world

entrepreneurial companies are the cause of the advancement of our world, global economic growth

entrepreneurship has brought a huge difference to our lives. Entrepreneurs have brought innovations, inventions, and products that have revolutionized our world and improve our global economy. Ex: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk…

Few examples that have impacted our lives heavily, and the world continues to create new entrepreneurs everyday to make the world a better place.

water  sanitation issues, “Unilever, a company from holland that develops products related to hygiene and health decides to address this major problem by making water drinkable to a half more billion people, and improve the hygiene habits of people by 2 times in the world by the year 2020.” 

 Some of the real life examples carried out by these companies are innovations attempting to address the needs of the market with sustainable and affordable products. 



Why choose this topic

argument and opinion

example of entrepreneurship

support evidence

related to our world economy



April 22 In class writing

After reading Yikang Sing’s response for Paula Mirando’s article, we both think that she is doing very good storytelling. Combine her personal  experience to better illustrate her topic and argument. There are many real examples around us, the family comes from different regions, which gives us a good understanding of the author’s argument.

We both express our positive attitude to those people who came from multi ethnic family since at some point, they will feel isolated. Inclusive of the culture brought by different families can solve some problems.

April 12th. In class writing


Make consumers think that ketchup is healthy. Ketchup is not grown, but in fact, made in a factory. The advertisement transforms the condiment into a wholesome, raw ingredient. By doing this, advertisers attempt to add a healthy connotation to ketchup. The sliced ketchup-looking tomato is the most significant part of this advertisement. The best advertisement is the one that is innovative, eye-catching, and also easily understood

April 10th.


April 8th. Essay 3

April 4th. In class writing

Minrui Xian

I think this video is very good because he introduced the initial stage of the cs major very briefly, introducing the most commonly used language, the transition of programming language with the most direct logic. His audience is the cs major freshman. His main purpose is to guide freshman to understand how to their choose cs course. He used many examples of classes to present to the audience in more detail. I really like him explain the difficulties of the cs major, but through his simple narrative, the audience will think that the difficulty can be solved.

April 3rd In class writing

After review the feedback of Essay 2, I realized that the biggest problem is citation and transition between the main article and outside support evidence. The source should be introduced to make it more credible and use the correct in-text citation to give the author credit. I should focus on analyzing rhetorical appeals and how effective the argument is.

The support evidence is very appropriate and supports the arguments I want to express.

April 1st in class writing

After reading Haotian Wang’s response, I am even more aware that when writing a video essay, I need to repeat check if I have deviated from the original goal. It helps us to make our essay’s consistency better. video essay which includes visual, audio, and alphabetic text, These forms need to be fused together to achieve better results.

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