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This blog gives insight to the wrongdoings of the criminal justice system, specifically cases of wrongful convictions. According to Rattner, wrongful convictions are defined as “cases in which a person was convicted of a felony but later was exonerated, generally due to evidence that had been available but was not sufficiently utilized at the time of the conviction, new evidence that was not previously available, or in some cases the confession of the actual culprit” (Rattner 284). However, this definition doesn’t fully cover all of the circumstances that could be involved in wrongful conviction cases. In addition, Rattner has identified six specific instances where wrongful convictions are most likely to happen: “eyewitness misidentification, police and prosecutorial overzealousness, police and prosecutorial bad faith, community pressure for conviction, false accusation, and plea bargaining” (285-286). Please enjoy my blog to learn more about the enormous miscarriages of justice, wrongful convictions.

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