January 26th

Meaning of Name assignment:

According to the Anglo-Saxon definition; my first name Megan, has the meaning of strong, capable, and pearl. My middle name is Rose, which is just simply the name of a flower. And my last name is Callihan which is a simplified version of the last name O’ Callaghan which originated in Ireland. This name stands for bright headed and lover of the church. While my family is Cuban and Irish I was given a fully Irish name as I think my parents thought it would flow better.

When I was younger my family members used to always call me by my middle name Rose. This often embarrassed me because, as a young child, I felt like it was weird to be named after a flower. However, as I go older, I never felt embarrassed about the name given to me.

I usually always just go by the name Megan, however sometimes people will just naturally call me Meg as it is a more simplified version of Megan. I like being called by both names, and sometimes even Rose.