March 28th, 2018

Megan Callihan and Andessa De Santiago

We researched Lowell High School and Canyon Crest Academy. Lowell High School, located in San Francisco, is the number 6 High school in the United States. It is known for its 22:1 student to teacher ratio with a class size of 2,718 students. Lowell High School has a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum focused on honors and AP courses as well as a variety of foreign languages and elite sports teams with many chity championships under their belts. Canyon Crest Academy is a public high school ranked at number 2 in California. It student to teacher ratio is at 25:10 with a student body size of 1991. Canyon Crest Academy stands out from other high schools because of its college-like 4 by 4 schedule, their conservatory arts program, the the competitive energy. In several articles, the top 5 attributes of a successful high school are summarized as; Constant goal-setting, ongoing evaluation, organizing and time-management, strong leadership, and high expectations. Schools that do better also have more funding, which allows them to give their students a better education. These schools differ from failing schools in that they fail to meet one or more of the top criteria required for a successful running school. They also have less money to invest in their students.