Feb 2nd

Maddy, Leo, Will

  • Most people like to surround themselves with the same identity
  • They feel more comfortable because they can relate easier
  • Language barriers are a division of communicating
  • Most of the cultures differ by how they custom themselves growing as a society
  • Racial differences are a barrier of  relating to one another
  • Government jobs have different beliefs that they feel comfortable in the place they live in and grew up in, resulting them in staying in a place of comfort best known to them
  • Geography is a way we find ourselves divided from people
  • Social status is a way of separating by inferiority
  • Treating others based on their stereotypes
  • Lower class people cant find trust in people of higher positions

We do not have some different ideas about both the essays because they are telling what’s happening in our daily life. Even though we want racial and cultural diversity in the United States, we still prefer to live with people we are comfortable with.

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