March 26th

In all of my classes we learn about the basis of how social class, culture, traditions, values and beliefs have created a large effect on how are lives are today. Learning about these topics improve my knowledge on how these factors work in our daily lives. It is very important to listen to others around you to improve how to think when learnng about yourself. Discussing these topics in class have made me become more open and understanding to people’s views as well. Not only do I learn more about myself as an individual but get a better understanding on why our culture is the way it is. My family has always taught me to be respectful  when it comes to race, religion, or politics so I have never been extremely one sided. The more we learn and talk about these issues, I put myself in a very open minded and accepting environment which I never got to have in highschool.

March 5th

I chose 2018 Best Colleges in California. and These websites supported the ranking of each school, how much the tuition is, and how many students graduated. It mainly focuses on the ranking of how hard it is to get in and how much money you have to spend to get in. It gives you the main idea of the top ranking of education and the popularity of the school It doesn’t give a very clear source of information about how the students feel or what it really is like to attend there. Mostly, just on how the school is ranked in the state of California, how many people get in, and whether it is a hard or easier school to get in with your GPA. Social media depicts schools in the most realistic form making sure the student that is debating the school knows what the main requirements you must meet in order to get in the school. Most schools in California are harder to get into because of the popularity rate of higher GPA students rather than students who are involved in the extra curriculum with a lower GPA. These schools inform you of the basic requirements you need to be within in order to be accepted, not really focusing on the education programs or classes you can be a part of.

March 2nd

Leo, Will, and Madison

I personally can relate to the last picture because it relates to how my family celebrates Thanksgiving and traditional meals. Both of my partners felt that they couldn’t really relate to the American culture of a Thanksgiving meal. Celebrating freedom was a common theme we all connected to.  Their cultures are very different from the American values of a Thanksgiving celebration. The pictures depicted keep the tradition alive throughout time and experience. My partners don’t really celebrate this holiday, but they see how it connects family through holiday traditions.

February 22nd Extra Credit

In this seminar, I found it very interesting how all different cultures could come together and relate on a common level. Usually, awkward experiences can bond people together in some situations. Each four of the speakers could talk about the uncomfortable experiences they had moving to America from their country. Each of them came from a very diverse culture where their lives had different values, beliefs, and traditions. The most common challenge they all faced was the language barrier. Communication is something we take for granted, but when you are in a foreign country you might not be able to walk right up to someone and express yourself. Trying to find normal health care or simple life essentials. Additionally, this goes for everyone trying to blend into the community and fitting in was also a bit harder for all of them. As an end result, they are all doing something really important with their lives and the big change was worth it. I think they all had an influential effect on me by reminding me to step out of my boundaries and take risks. I really enjoyed spending time listening to what they each had to say and get more insight on their lives as foreigners.