Class Discussion 10/22/18

For this class discussion on Feminist movements across cultures, I was paired with Jason. As the only two boys in the class, we tried our best to discuss the feminist movement. We both agreed that the feminist movement differs across cultures, with various factors impacting and defining each movement. The factors we discussed were cultural, religion, location, economical, and race. We discussed how different cultures view women and feminism differently. In places with a good economy, we see women as usually having more opportunity although that is not always the case. For example, in the Middle East, there are very wealthy places where women do not have rights like Saudi Arabia, but in Western countries, women tend to have more basic rights and privileges. Religion definitely can come into play. For example in the American South, in places that follow strict Christianity, the role of women in society is very different than in places that are less conservative in other parts of America. In countries that strictly follow Islam, women can be oppressed with religion used as an excuse. Jason had a great example for location. In locations are more rural and isolated, opportunities are not as abundant for both men and women. Jason said that men in these types of places usually have to do manual labor jobs, so women are usually left to take care of the house, children, etc. because there are not many other opportunities. But in places like big cities, there are more education opportunities for men and women, so women in these areas are able to get an education and get better jobs due to their location.


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