Group Discussion 11/5

Marlee and Emily

Emily and I were the group leaders for this week’s discussion on globalization. While the rest of the class discussed our prompt in groups, we decided to also discuss it for ourselves.

With a limited time to figure out how to approach a business deal with a potential partner from another culture that is not very proficient in English, we discussed meeting someone from the same culture as the potential business partner in order to gain an accurate perspective on their culture in a social context. Also, this social connection could help you create a stronger and longer lasting relationship with the future business partner. It is important to use every possible network that you have. It is also very important to understand the country’s culture that you will be communicating with. For example, your business will fail if you try to start it in a new country that has a different culture and lacks interest or demand for your business, services, etc. We both agreed that it would be a good thing to make your best effort to learn the potential business partner’s language and culture, to show them an effort so that you can build their trust. If all else fails, it would be smart to hire an interpreter to help translate everything that could not be understood.