March 9, 2018

Wikipedia Trigger Warnings

From an article found on Wikipedia, it is explained that a Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” sparked many contrasting views during and after the time that it was released. Despite some praise of the series, due to the heavy content regarding rape, bullying, mental illness and suicide, many people felt that the show had a high risk of triggering young people and influencing some of the situations that occur in the various episodes (potentially committing suicide). This article contained an immense amount of information regarding this topic and went into as much detail as to incorporate opinions and views of others who agreed or disagreed with the airing of this Netflix series. Some good things about this Wikipedia article are that it gave me a sufficient amount of information and highlighted references to other subjects that I may need to visit to get more background information on the subject matter. An obvious con about using Wikipedia is that you cannot trust the information that is presented on the website because it is subject to change by the public. Due to the ability to have its information altered by those who are even unfamiliar with the topic the website’s credibility is taken away. However, I believe that most of the information that I read in this article was accurate and didn’t seem to portray any type of bias on the matter. Even though this Wikipedia article may have portrayed a great amount of truth, it cannot be determined whether this is true or not.

March 5, 2018

Reimagining Educational Practices

According to an article “Why Elite College Admissions Need an Overhaul” by Johnathan Cole from The Atlantic, it is noted that many elite universities don’t necessarily have a criteria when it comes to admitting their students. Many of their admissions are based on certain spaces that should be filled in a university including ways to illustrate diversity, fill sports teams, and admit people with specific talents in certain areas. focused more on numbers than anything else. This aspect only impedes any way that these schools can genuinely provide a quality education for students because the school do not really care to admit students for the proper reasons.

Additionally another article titled “Don’t Send Your Kid to the Ivy League” by William Deresiewicz talks about the way that these colleges have taught their students to follow one path in order to get where they want to be. College is pictured to them as less than a path to discovery but one to get a job. They are taught to be narrow minded in a sense. The education is not necessarily an eye opening one. You are taught the means to getting to one place and that is the main goal. The schools don’t focus on encouraging being on a journey to discovery and genuinely being interested in learning, but, they encourage doing all that you can to ensure that you get the job after that interview.

As is mentioned in the article “Shut Up About Harvard”, many students who are low income do not always have the same access to education that those who are not in this situation have. Many of them are forced to work various jobs that can impede their ability to succeed in school. There is a complete imbalance between those of different socioeconomic statuses and who has access to these universities.

February 23, 2018


Dahlia, Michael, Midori

  1. No because that information is common knowledge.
  2. Yes because the citation is still required when referencing a book.
  3. No because it is his own writing and he checked in with his professor before doing so. (Wrong – Need a self citation)
  4. Yes, if they are retrieving information that is not their own or common knowledge, it is necessary that they include references.
  5. Yes, if the information is not common knowledge she would still need to include where she got her information from.

February 21, 2018

Seeing and Being Seen

I am an African American female that comes from a low socioeconomic background and I feel that this factor influences a tokenism among various aspects in my life. I remember being a part of a summer internship and I was the only black person to be accepted among the other interns who were mainly white and asian. I did not have the same level of education that these students had surrounding the topic of the internship, however, I felt that because I was a black female interested in science that they chose to accept me into the program. I felt that this was a good thing because I was given a wonderful opportunity, however, I would hope that they had included a more diverse group of people of color within the program besides myself.

I felt that they also expected me to act and talk a certain way because often times the staff would change how they spoke around me and I noticed their change of language when speaking with me as opposed to how they spoke with the other students. This really frustrated me because it was as if they didn’t expect me to be able to speak professionally amongst scientists. The questions that they would ask me during breaks or any free time surrounded issues that I would not generally expect people to bring up in a professional setting. I am not sure if the staff wanted to make me more comfortable with them in any way, but, I don’t think their approaches were necessary and they were somewhat disrespectful.

These conclusions were unfair because they portrayed me as someone who was not capable of talking and acting just as everyone else within the program would. I felt outcast as well most of the time because I didn’t really relate to the others who were there. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, but, I wish that they had included a wider variety of people because it felt as if they chose the same person multiple times and then added me into the program as a token diversity symbol.

February 16, 2018


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2. No citation

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February 15, 2018

Audio Essay Draft


February 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch

This story will be about my experiences living in a close minded African American family and how that has affected me and my beliefs as I enter the world on my own. I come from an old fashioned, heavily religious, African American family and due to being raised in this environment I have been surrounded by multiple unhealthy ideals that without educating myself, I could have brought about into the world. Some unhealthy views that my family holds are mainly geared towards people of the lgbtq community and things that involve people of other races. Until recently my family has been extremely against interracial relationships and often times hold stereotypes of people who are not black. My grandparents grew up during and were involved in the civil rights movement and therefore faced many issues with white people so their negative views of people who are white makes sense. However, they also hold old fashioned views of people of other races as well. These views have been passed down to their children who have passed down these views upon most of their children as well. The main issue that I will be discussing has to do with my family and their opinions on the lgbtq community.

Due to my family’s religious beliefs, they do not agree with those who have any sexuality and or gender identity than what they perceive to be normal. My grandparents always told me that it was wrong for people to be gay and that anyone who is is meant to go to hell. Not only do they hold these ideals, they also choose to inform people of their disagreement with their lifestyles. Often times I have been in public with my family only to witness two men walk past us and for a nasty comment to be made; “ew”, or a funny glance. From a young age, I thought that this behavior was ok.

On Sundays after church, our family would either go visit my grandmother or my aunt’s house. Sometimes we would go out to eat or sometimes we would go to the mall or something etc. This was our way of bonding. One Sunday I remember the pastor preaching about the verse Matthew 7:5 which states, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”(cite). This lesson really stuck with me because it mainly told us that you have no place to judge someone when you are not perfect yourself. When we went to the mall, I remember going into a women’s clothing store and walking around with my cousins and talking about random things, laughing at each other. All of a sudden I felt one of them rush over to me and yank my arm whispering in my ear “Do you see that guy over there?”. Initially, I was assuming that he was attractive or something as my cousins often point out guys who they think are cute. But as I looked over, this guy was looking through the women’s clothes and trying them on. I quickly looked away and pretended that I hadn’t heard what she said. Because I had no reaction, she attempted to get my attention a second time and speak louder and so I chose to get away from her as quickly as possible. My cousin decided to leave me alone, yet, she chose to approach the others of my family who were present and began having a conversation about this guy who was in a women’s store buying women’s clothing.

Because I did not want to seem as if I was apart of this conversation I decided to leave the store and go in to one that was next to it. After a while my family followed. Surprisingly, after a while the young man appeared in the store as well, again looking through the women’s clothing. One of my family member’s shouted as she gestured to the sections of the store, “This is the women’s side and that is the men’s side!”.

February 9th, 2018

Essay 1 Free Writing

When I was younger I loved to read. I would check out two and three books at a time and read them somewhat simultaneously. As I got older for some reason, reading seemed less interesting than it used to be. I was always in the library and I always had my library card, I still have it I never lost it because it was so important to me. When I was in middle school we had something called AR reading and in the beginning I would usually reach my goal of reading the amount of books that I was required to, and sometimes I would go beyond this goal. However, as time progressed, I became bored and at some points didn’t meat the goal of books that I should have been reading. Until this day I don’t read nearly as much as I used to even though I really wish that I did.

I wrote a goodbye letter to someone who was very close to me who passed away. I remember seeing them the day before they passed away and before they left from visiting my house, I did not say goodbye to them. The next day they were gone. A while passed and I always thought about how I regretted not saying goodbye and being very frustrated that I didn’t get the chance to and so I wrote a goodbye letter to her that I keep in my room.

In high school I took French and although it was pretty easy for me to learn in the beginning year, as I went on to higher levels in learning the language, it got a lot harder for me. It was fun and interesting to be learning a new language and I still have some basic knowledge from learning the language, however, I do not know enough to be able to have an extremely long conversation or to read an entire book and fully understand it. I can read some articles and understand some conversations, but, I wish I had worked harder in order to really be familiar with the language.



I think I can talk about the time that I attempted to learn french and somewhat failed because I didn’t learn it as much as I should have. I could have taken better steps in order to learn the language, like practicing it with other people and going to tutoring and focusing on studying more. To begin it was a really interesting experience and I learned some good things from it, however, I should have done more to be able to use this knowledge effectively in other parts of the world or speaking to people here who know the language as well. Also, I know that knowing more than one language is also valuable in the work place so that is something that I have also missed out on.

February 7, 2018

Audio Essay Assignment

This assignment asks that we create an audio essay that explains how a certain factor relating to the topics that we have talked about within the first weeks of this class, race, culture, etc., has played a part in shaping our identities. This assignment also requires that we use a variety of sound effects and techniques in order to create an interesting essay that effectively grabs the attention of the listeners. I have some experience with audio editing  and so this aspect of the assignment should be pretty easy for me, however, at the moment I am expecting to face some difficulty in figuring out what I would like this essay to be about. I find it difficult to understand on your own what factors around you have shaped your identity and so I believe that I will struggle with thinking of an interesting story that also closely relates to this subject. In order to deal with this I plan to maybe revisit the readings that we have done so far and try to think of ways that they relate to my life. Additionally, I am not very good at storytelling and so I will have to focus on trying to emphasize emotion and tone within my voice so that my audio essay is not boring.

February 5, 2018

Response to Peer Reading Response

In her response to the “Black and Blue” article by Garnette Cadogan, Amber Bailey describes the article she read as “interesting” and “thought provoking”.  She further develops her response by agreeing with the points which are brought up in this article about the relationship between black people and the police. Additionally, Amber goes on to add a view that opposes the idea of this negative relationship between the police and black people. She then refutes this argument by referencing events that have occurred in recent times that only prove this issue to be true. In this response, Amber introduces the main points of this article and incorporates her own ideas and opinions on the topic.

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