Wikipedia Trigger Warnings

From an article found on Wikipedia, it is explained that a Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” sparked many contrasting views during and after the time that it was released. Despite some praise of the series, due to the heavy content regarding rape, bullying, mental illness and suicide, many people felt that the show had a high risk of triggering young people and influencing some of the situations that occur in the various episodes (potentially committing suicide). This article contained an immense amount of information regarding this topic and went into as much detail as to incorporate opinions and views of others who agreed or disagreed with the airing of this Netflix series. Some good things about this Wikipedia article are that it gave me a sufficient amount of information and highlighted references to other subjects that I may need to visit to get more background information on the subject matter. An obvious con about using Wikipedia is that you cannot trust the information that is presented on the website because it is subject to change by the public. Due to the ability to have its information altered by those who are even unfamiliar with the topic the website’s credibility is taken away. However, I believe that most of the information that I read in this article was accurate and didn’t seem to portray any type of bias on the matter. Even though this Wikipedia article may have portrayed a great amount of truth, it cannot be determined whether this is true or not.