September 12

Lab 3 PCR and Gel Electrophoresis for the Sushi Test

Natalia Whitney


Following the lab where we amplified our DNA from the fish samples, we set up another gel electrophoresis to see the amplified gDNA. Using my 3 samples and loading dye we ran another PCR. The gel was provided by Dr. Paul so I did not have to make the gel. One of my table mates loaded the gel and checked to make sure the black was to black and the red was to red. We ran our gel, but unfortunately we only had 2 viable results for our entire table. Instead of performing the exosap clean up, we redid our gDNA collection. We followed the same protocol as last lab making sure to be careful with the master mix. I also vortexed my samples again before diluting them to make sure there were template strands available to be amplified. I placed my samples in the thermocycler prior to lecture section of lab. Hopefully the amplification and gel run will show properly amplified DNA for this second round.

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