April 30, 2018

In Class Writing

In regards to pursuing a higher education for more money it has been shown that obtaining a degree does somewhat increase your salary but the money spent in college to attend the university can possibly not be worth a ton. As stated by BenefitsPRO (2016) “study says a college diploma added $17,500 to a graduate’s annual salary but the extra money that those four years of college cost just isn’t worth it to many.” This quote shows that you do not need to attend college necessarily, because it can end up putting you into a financial hole. But obviously there are some professions, such as a M.D., that can eventually pay off. But if we are looking at making money right after college it could take a while until those funds are paid off with the salary you make from your career or job.


Satter, M. Y. (2016). Millennials, priced out of college, turning to blue-collar work. Benefitspro, 1.

April 27, 2018

Free Write

The one main idea that I keep coming across is how blue collar work teaches you things that you may not necessarily learn in a textbook or if you pursue a higher education. Society seems to look down on the blue collar or working class because they believe that they are just lazy to pursue a higher education. But in reality sometimes people are forced into this labor because of their family background or even if they just do not see a purpose for college. In the article by Crawford he discusses how he received a Ph. D. and struggled to find a job within the work force so he settles down and decides to do something that still challenges him and something he has fun with.

The attitudes towards these manual working jobs in my opinion are wrong because people within society believe that college is the answer for everybody and if you do not go to college you are “stupid.” Some people who decide to work these jobs not only enjoy their job but it is something they want to do that does not require a higher education. If we did not have people to work these jobs who would be doing it? I have experience in doing manual labor and in my opinion it was not something that I loved to do but it was definitely an experience that has taught me how to be more personable and a harder worker. People who saw me at work would think that I am not doing anything with my life but little did they know that I was actually attending a four year university pursuing a better job that I actually love and want to do.


In the article by Crawford he discusses how he received a Ph. D. and struggled to find a job within the work force. Pursuing a higher education does not guarantee anything in regards to money, benefits, and even happiness. The main thing being happiness and the emotion behind work, such as working conditions, your coworkers, or even the company/people you work for.



April 25, 2018

In Class Writing

One of the most important people in my life, my dad, has gone through many things at work that are just unjust and should not have gone through and still is. First physically at work he sometimes has to lift things that are very heavy and make it happen in such a short period of time. Let me remind you that my dad is 61 so his body is not functioning as quick as it used to. When he was younger he would tell me about all the things he was able to do but now after the wear and tear from work he has never been the same. His work has called for so much physical activity that his knees and back are never going to be the same for the rest of his life. But my dad is one to never give in so he goes to work everyday despite the pain and is able to perform the duties of work. Psychologically at work many people, such as his boss, have told him that he is to old and needs to stop working. My dad has to deal with people one on one when they order things for the company he works with, so he has to deal with the problems with the people ordering product. Even though some people may consider my dads job as a merchandizer a “job that anybody can do” he is still one of the most intelligent people I know. He has learned things on the job that can not be taught in a textbook and has gained so much experience through working just not the traditional way. Sadly because my grandfather past away when my dad was 13 he had no choice but to work and was unable to continue his education but I still believe to this day he is one of the wisest people I know.

April 18, 2018

In Class Writing

Currently in my hometown the poverty, homelessness, and eviction rate are at an all time low. Steadily the rate for these three have been decreasing from the years 2007-2018. Many of the issues that still arise despite being at an all time low is the fact that landlords in Ventura County are complaining that they are being “accused/blamed” for the eviction rate. But recently had a hearing about how landlords want the real rate of eviction/homelessness because they believe that they are not the ones causing the problems.

In the essay by Desmond my county is able to relate to the fact that people within our communities are so close to each other that they will do anything to help one another when needed. Our homes are our main source of security and privacy and no one in our county wants others to be homeless. Since our county is so giving I believe thats why our rate is so small compared to before. For example when the big fire broke out in Ventura County last December, when people were losing their houses our community stood together and made sure that all of them were able to have shelter until they could get back on their feet. Despite the adversity our community became stronger because of it. The only thing that differs from the reading is that our poverty rate is really low.

April 9th, 2018

Video Essay Planning

Final Version:

Drone footage for about 15-20 seconds with music (Song: TBA for final draft)

Rough Draft:


1.) Around 20 secs of footage of the campus

2.) Include subtitles and music

Main Plot:

1.) mix in parts of the interview, quotes from the article, use the brochure, and quote info from the brochure.


1.) Finish with some drone footage of campus



Nate: Research the Major (Chemistry brochure, flyer, or information on website) (20-30 secs) and editing

Costa: Interview with Professor

-Why major is important? (20 secs)

-What can you do with this major? (20 secs)

Leo: Scholarly article pertaining to chemistry, textbook pertaining to chemistry (talk about both of these) (20-30 secs)


March 26, 2018

In Class Writing

If I was to label my family’s class I would have to say that we are a part of lower end working class. My fathers income is what supports our family as a whole, so when it comes to schooling not only does his paycheck help to pay for living expenses but it also is my sister and I’s funding for school. So when it comes to paying for school itself, for example USF it is very difficult to afford to come here but my family is willing to make the sacrifices for me to attend. I am very blessed to have a family that puts others before themselves, but there have been times throughout the school year that money has limited me and my education. For example as basic as affording supplies for projects for school.

Even though money has been an issue there has also been this type of pressure to do well because of my family. There is a type of culture within my family were we need to go to college to better ourselves and become so called “successful.” Although this may be true my parents have always told me they would be proud of me as long as I am doing something. But I want more than to just work a normal job so I pursued to go to college and earn a higher education.

March 9, 2018

In Class Writing

The topic that I chose to research and had an interest in was using Performance Enhancing Drugs and how in the sports environment it is one of the most disgraced things you can do. But there is also a side to it where people think that its ok to take Performance Enhancing Drugs for the health of the players. Most of the people, as am I, are not in favor of the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs because its similar to “cheating.” You gain an advantage that other players do not get to have, even if it is to help with your health. Sports talent are supposed to be something that you work on not that you are given.

When using wikipedia I usually try to steer away because many people are capable of changing its contents. But when it shows valid sources like from the article that I read I believe most of what it is stating. Some of the pros include information from many different point of views, easy access, and sometimes valid sources. But some of the cons include any body can change information at any time, could possibly be wrong information, and lastly no sources sited.

March 5, 2018

Reimagining Educational Practices:

When researching the differences/relationship between University ranking and the quality of education I was able to conclude that they somewhat coincide with each other but for the most part are two different things. When it comes to the University ranking itself they chose to focus more on the overall experience of the school rather than the actual quality of the education. According to college niche, typically when be rated they do involve graduation/retention rates and acceptance rates but also focus on things like where the school is located, quality of dorms/cafeteria, and things like party scene. So I was able to conclude that the university ranking may not necessarily be the best thing to look when deciding quality of education itself but rather to go into deeper research.

When doing more research on the quality of education itself I was able to find the factors that go into determining the actual quality of education. According to US News these factors include graduation and retention rates, undergraduate academic reputation, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, graduation rate performance, and alumni giving rate. All of these factors are part of the “standard” for the quality of education. The quality of education is also based on “reputation” so its very hard to compare the two because a lower end school may provide the same quality as a higher end school but just doesn’t get the reputation. So when it comes to the less advantaged communities it is harder for them to get into higher end schools because of their background and the “stereotype.”

References List:

Morse, R., Brooks, E., & Mason, M. (2017, September 11). How U.S. News Calculated the 2018 Best Colleges Rankings. Retrieved March 05, 2018, from https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/how-us-news-calculated-the-rankings

2018 Best Colleges in America. (n.d.). Retrieved March 05, 2018, from https://www.niche.com/colleges/search/best-colleges/

February 28, 2018


Isabel Benito, Brandon Wong, Nate Centeno

In the american nutrition association it states “Food deserts are defined  as parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas. This is largely due to a lack of grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and healthy food providers.”

In the website called ‘Food is power.org” it shows us clear situations were food deserts affect people, such as “according to a report prepared for Congress by the Economic Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture, about 2.3 million people (or 2.2 percent of all US households) live more than one mile away from a supermarket and do not own a car. . In suburban and rural areas, public transportation is either very limited or unavailable, with supermarkets often many miles away from people’s homes.”

When speaking about social class and lower income communities, it is states that those are the communities that most suffer from food deserts, (where many people don’t have cars). In the food is power website, it alsos states that “Studies have found that wealthy districts have three times as many supermarkets as poor ones do.”

Food deserts have many other effects on communities. People with dietary restrictions such as lactose intolerance or gluten allergies find it very hard to find the foods appropriate for them to eat.  

According to citylab.com, “There is a study that finds that more than half (55 percent) of all ZIP codes with a median income below $25,000 fit the definition of food deserts—that’s more than double the share of food-desert ZIP codes across the country as a whole (24 percent).”


Social movement :

Npr news: “Food Access Advocates Walk The Long Walk … To The Nearest Grocery Store”


In Npr, it states “Nearly 40 million Americans live in communities with these so-called grocery gaps, where it is easier for people to buy grape soda than a handful of grapes, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Lauren Shweder Biel, executive director of the nonprofit DC Greens, which organized the event, says having so many residents involved demonstrates how strong the demand is for the healthful produce. She says she hopes that city officials — some of whom participated in the walk — retailers and the rest of the country would take notice.

“I think one of the most powerful impacts of an action like the Grocery Walk is that it silences the myth that poor people don’t want healthy food,” says Shweder Biel.”






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