January 26, 2018

Meaning of Name Assignment:

My full given name given to me by my parents is Nathan Henry Centeno. The meaning behind Nathan is “Gift from God.” My name was given to me because the day after I was born at night my parents and my Nina to be were all sleeping in the Hospital and my Nina was luckily able to wake up because my bin I was sleeping in started to shake. So she immediately called a nurse and they were able to treat me because I had some type of blood poisoning. My middle name has a family attachment because I was named after my grandfather on my dads side who I was unable to meet unfortunately. My last name comes from Italy. I have never been really embarrassed with my name because I have my story that comes along with it.

I have only came up with one nickname and that is Nate and I only use it because it is shorthand for Nathan and I like it because its easy and nice to pronounce in my opinion.

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