February 7, 2018

Essay 1 Discussion

The main expectations for this assignment is through auditorial techniques convey my message of some of the struggles I may have faced pertaining to my culture, my identity, or stereotypes. Along with the narrative, a song/soundscape should help convey my message and have meaning to it. This assignment also allows for a deeper understanding of myself and some of the good/bad experiences to my peers. Some of the strengths that I have when it comes to the composing process include being able to share my story and have music coincide with it. Not only to help describe but also give more insight of some of the struggles I have faced. Some of the challenges on this assignment include not liking how my voice sounds when recorded and being shy to share my story. I plan to address these challenges by accepting how my voice sounds and overcoming my timidness to just share my story. I generally think this is a good assignment to somewhat help with my fright of not being able to share, not only my story but ideas with the class.

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